Apple Day

The first Apple Day was held on October 21st, 1990 at an event in Covent Garden, London in the U.K. While this initial event was quite small, over the years, more and more people began to attend them until there were almost 700 events in the U.K by the year 2000. This day was created to recognize that apples are unique to their orchards and that orchard diversity is very important.

Last Wednesday we celebrated "Apple Day." First, all the kids sat down together and we asked them which fruits and vegetables have they got at their country houses and in which month do they gather each one. Then we spelled "harvest" with big, colorful letters on the floor and had the children rearrange the letters to make other words, such as "eat", "save’’, ‘’share’’…

The kids were then divided into two groups, half of them painted pictures. We've made apple prints using real apples from the garden. Kids were very creative! The rest sliced up apples and, taking turns, put them in the juicer, each person making a glass of thick apple juice. And everyone also got a piece of delicious, homemade apple pie! After that we played games, a relay race while balancing an apple on a spoon (and Jane was the most creative, as she coasted smoothly both ways on her roller shoes). Bobbing for apples (trying to bite an apple while it's floating in a bucket of water) was next, and Marusya and Jane were the wet winners. Lastly, the children split into pairs , stood face to face with an apple held between their foreheads, and then had to dance without dropping their apple. Jane and Kate, who were laughing the whole time, won that amusing competition. All in all, it was a festive, fun and filling day!

Making «apple» pictures
Anna is ready for a competitionу
 Making apple prints
Making apple juice
To heavy crop
The participants of «apple» competitions
Waiting for the contests
 The winners
We love apples!
Apple feast
Delicious juice
Bobbing for apples game
Girls brought a delicious apple pie
Making an apple craft
 Apple feast
Tasty apple juice
Apple competition
Apple competition
Competition with apples
Apple dance
The winner of the best apple treat competition