October is here, and Halloween is soon approaching. In our center many pumpkins have appeared, and we'll soon make them into Jack-o’- Lanterns for the holiday. And we decided not to waste any time, but to learn all about the pumpkin while we wait. First, we figured out what types of pumpkins there are, and what colors and sizes they can be.

Then we measured all the pumpkins in our center, recorded the results in a chart and compared them. We studied the growth cycle of a pumpkin, starting with planting seeds and ending with a mature fruit. The most interesting thing we found out was that if you put a pumpkin in water, regardless of its size, it will float! So this month's “Pumpkin” project helped us learn about another interesting plant.

Filipp decided to play football
Fooling around with pumpkins
Just from the garden…
Ready to explore pumpkins
It's time to learn more about pumpkins
Measuring pumpkins
Measuring pumpkins
Pumpkin Sink or Float experiment
Exploring different types of pumpkins
Nice pumpkins
Trying to draw a pumpkin
Drawing a pumpkin
Colouring a pumpkin
Measuring a pumpkin
Measuring a pumpkin
Counting seeds in a pumpkin