Mother’s Day

Spring begins with March, and March begins with Mother’s Day! On this holiday when our spring mood lifts us above the daily routine, and we are filled with warmth, love and happiness. This is because all of these things are given to us by our Mums!

And on this we want to express our love to them and show the whole world that “my Mum is the best!”

Having a cup of English tea, observing the rules of British etiquette for afternoon tea, we thanked our moms for everything that they do for us and we gave them little presents, that we had made and painted with our hands.

“Mama, you are the best! I love you. My hugs and kisses are only for you! These song lyrics can not express all of our love to our mums. But our moms’ hearts are pulling us towards them.н 0

Let Mama always be near.

Mother is the closest person in the world!
The girls are talking about the rules of English etiquette
 The poems dedicated to mothers
Jane with her mom
Flowers for mums
Mum is the embodiment of kindness and tenderness
The rules of etiquette can be far from simple
 Beautiful Sofia
Mums make us smile
Children congratulate moms
Beautiful cornflowers, a gift for moms
Andrew is making a present
A holiday tea party
Having some tea with moms
A “sweet” holiday
Tigers group with greetings for mothers
Anna with her mom
Mom is the most significant person in the world!
Charming Annabelle
Yasya and Andrew are ready for the concert
Mom is the dearest person in the world!