Halloween concert

We have been preparing for Halloween for a long time, and now it has finally arrived. We all gathered under the dome in the "Cascade," prepared the scenery: on the table were jars with magical liquids and ancient chests full of sorcery on the table, and a magical castle stood in a distance.

Then out of the fog, Professor Albus Dumbledore, the character from the famous Harry Potter books, appeared on the stage, along with his students Harry (Anna Gorshkova) and Hermione (Anna Hwan). After he introduced them and they told a little about themselves, the wizard decided to do magic show. But for this, he needed a pumpkin, a black cat and a skeleton bone. But where would he get them? Professor Dumbledore called his young friends to help him.

The Pre-Starters group came onto the stage and pleased us with the wonderful songs, “Autumn leaves are falling down," “One little finger ...," “Five little pumpkins," "Jack-o’-lantern," and Yasya's poem about a pumpkin-lantern. A pupil from our center, Isabella, recited an Italian poem about Halloween. And after singing about a Jack-o’-lantern, the kids gave the professor a pumpkin to help him prepare for the show.

Part of the plan is in the bag! But we still don't have a cat or a bone. But just then a familiar witch (Anna Zhuravleva) arrived on a broomstick with a cat. Showing us a scene from the fairy tale “Room on the broom," the witch's friends--a doggy (Dasha Batukayeva) and a frog (Kostya Alekseev)--chased off the terrible dragon (Edward Partizpanyan), gave the cat to Harry Potter, and flew away together on the broomstick.

Now we only have to find a bone. And the Starters came to the rescue. Various characters came to the Haunted House in the forest, including a skeleton, whose lost bone was given to Professor Dumbledore.

Everything is now ready. Harry Potter's friends (the Movers) got together to start the magic show. But nothing worked on their first and second attempt. It was only when the magic spell was pronounced correctly that the show began. A wizard appeared and performed different magical and scientific experiments. Everyone was delighted. The holiday ended with a visit to the homes of our friends, where the children sang "Trick-or-treat," and they were given various treats and sweets.

Happy Halloween!

 A dog, a skeleton and Hermione Granger
Little spiders
Children are performing the song «Trick-or-treat»
Halloween snack
A scary character
Reading the book «Winnie the Witch»
Magical experiments
 Unusual snack
Some adults were also wearing Halloween costumes
«Two little pumpkins…»
Eduard are ready for Trick-or-Treating
Harry Potter scene
Haunted House scene
«Five little pumpkins»
 Making Jack-o’-lanterns
Young magicians
Jane as Hermione Granger