Christmas concert

In every country, there are traditions and customs for celebrating Christmas. In Great Britain, all the interesting rules that are strictly observed have been established for many centuries. So we decided to study them in more detail and tell everyone about how Christmas is celebrated in England. We chose the theme “Christmas in England” for our Christmas concert.

The guys from the Flyers and Movers groups prepared an interesting story about how, on Christmas Eve, the prim and practical British turn into generous and fun people. Christmas Eve is a family holiday, which they begin to prepare for well in advance: they carefully and lavishly decorate their houses, buy a lot of gifts, and send postcards to all their relatives and friends. The traditional Christmas dish is turkey, which is baked with vegetables, and pudding, which is covered with rum and set on fire.

We visited festive London, heard the story of how the streets of the capital are beautifully decorated, and that the most grandiose decorations are on Oxford Street.

Christmas greetings are an integral part of the traditions of England. The Starters group (Anya, Dasha, Edward, Dani and Kostya) performed a skit where they congratulated their parents with Christmas. It was snowing, and the guys, who were far from their homes, called their mums and dads and congratulated them.

Christmas poems in French, German and even Chinese showed us that England is truly an international country where you can hear different languages of the world.

And for the finale, Big Ben chimed the hour, and all the participants of the concert sang “Jingle Bells” and wished their parents and each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Then there was a fun competition between parents and children on their knowledge of English traditions, the awarding the best students and the winners of the New Year’s card competition, the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts, and a lot of jokes, fun, and merry wishes... But the holiday is not over yet, it still continues...

The concert was based on the famous Christmas story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and how no one wanted to be his friend. Our peerless deer,Tanya B., was so sincere in her sadness, and then in her joy, that we could not but admire her and applaud. The laugh-a-lot Santa (Philip), the princess-thief (Arina B.), the shy penguin (Prokhor), and the pranster bee (Arina P.) - all the guys performed their roles like artists. And Kostya S. entertained us with his performance on the guitar of the song “Merry Christmas."

Our narrator Stefan was serious and had impeccable pronunciation. The Christmas poems, songs, the arrival of Santa with gifts, and then the fun entertainment did not let anyone get bored.

Pre starters
Children of this age always fill our hearts with tenderness and warmth, regardless of what happens on stage. But if we witness talented singers and artists, then this it is doubly pleasant.

The tale about the gingerbread man (a beautiful performance by Yasi), who ran away from the grandmother, the penguin (Vanya K.) and the snow queen (Vera), was very warmly received by the audience. The shy fox (Isabella) however did not eat the gingerbread man, as he was very agile, which was confirmed by the song “run, run as fast as you can”, and no less cunning, and the tale ended optimistically.

The snow queen Vera sang solo about a snowman, and then we all joined in on this funny song. New Year's songs, sung with pure children's voices, filled our souls with the bright holiday joy.

Santa Claus, with his bag of gifts, brought even more joy and fun to our homely atmosphere. Games, jokes and congratulations... We'll keep having fun for a long time... Until next New Year...

Christmas concert actors
Beautiful Isabella
Prokhor, an actor in a play about Rudolf
Santa and Kostya
Characters of the Rudolf, Santa’s helper play
Gingerbread man and a sly fox
Ivan, a Russian man
Santa Claus is giving the presents
Vera as a kind Snow Queen
Pandas group told us how to celebrate Christmas in England
Koalas group acted out a Christmas episode
Koalas group sang a “White Christmas” song
Ruslan and Ivan told us about Christmas celebration in England
Sergey told us about Christmas celebration in England
Vasilisa and Rita as beautiful princesses
Gingerbread man is ready!
Snakes group performed a Twinkle, Twinkle, little star  song
Christmas is a family holiday
The children who won The best gingerbread man competition